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About Us

We are a fast moving and forward facing Austrian company. We serve an impressive number of satisfied clients

and are very happy about an increasing number of new once, some of them being among the biggest companies in the Austrian market.


  Business Concept


The business of Aroma Design is to provide aroma solutions to the Austrian market to support increased customer loyalty and customer retention by scent communication between businesses and customers in their business premises.


Aroma Design offers to its clients individual, customized communication scents. These – patent protected – scents can be ambient (targeted communication) scents or identification (brand characteristic) scents.


The target customers of Aroma Design are the health care, hospitality, event and amusement industry, gastronomy and finance, as well as Shopping Centres, Conference Centres, Office Buildings, Airports and last but not least SME’s.


Their needs and wants are in particular a high level of customer loyalty, a higher customer retention rate, the creation of an emotional bond between the company and their customers and a related incraese of the respective brand value.



  We are your B2B partner in Austria.


We have the necessary knowledge and personnel to communicate, select and provide the best scent communication services to our Clients.